A simple Personality Test

Many years back, I remembered being informed by my then team-lead to participate in a personality test conducted by Target Training Institute.

After a series of 20 weird questions, I was diagnosed to be a GOVERNOR. So what does that mean ? No, not likely of par with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of course. But rather interestingly, it was with someone else.

Individuals who are Governors exhibit a high-energy factor, excellent communication skills, caring and sensitive in nature. They are direct, friendly, can be enthusiastic and prefer to be informal.

Since their greatest fears are rejection, criticism and loss of security, they may worry too much about what they think. Governors want to be accepted as members of the team and like to know what is exactly expected of them before they start new projects.

They are equipped with the ability to serve as a dominant leader if the parameters of the work are clearly defined and prefer to lead rather than follow. They are very conscious about the quality of their work and they expect to receive social approval for a job ‘well done’.

Governors use their excellent communication skills to influence people with their knowledge of facts and their ability to analyse people and situations. They are very concerned about those around them and will work for ‘win-win’ results and resolutions.

Some governors in history include:
1) Hans Christian Anderson (A Danish author)
2) Susan B. Anthony (US Women’s Rights Leader)

Wow.. I don’t know who is this Susan lady but to be on the same level as Hans Christian Anderson, one of the great story-tellers is a great honour for me.

I’ve read some of his stories which reveal an aura of struggles with rejection, criticism and loss of security. But the characters, somewhat in an enthusiastic and optimistic manner also display brilliance skills in pushing through their problems and finding acceptance and approval also.

Another Governor character includes David Letterman. 🙂

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