A tribute to all fathers since it is Father’s Day

The topic that my uncle brought forth during the night class set me thinking. It was also in lieu of today being Father’s Day, a special day when we take time-out from our everyday life to pay tribute and recognise the efforts that our fathers have made and sacrificed for the family.

The job of a father is never an easy job. Of course, it is second only to the mother’s duty when it comes to raising up a proper family. Gone are the days when fathers are just playing a secondary role in shaping the life of their own family.

In a modern society, equal responsibility is being shared by both spouses and I have seen cases of bad childhood experiences for my own pupils whom were brought up without the guidance of either a father or a mother. Since this topic is more on Father’s Day, I shall leave behind the duties of a mother and focus more on the subject.

No father would want their family to forget their contributions but at the same time, no father wants to admit the fact that they would like to feel recognised for it. I can say that almost all fathers just want their family to be happy and feel safe whenever they are with them.

Thanking a father should not be done only when Father’s Day appears but it should be done daily. But let’s face it. Most of us grew up to be closer to our mothers more than our fathers. As such, it takes special occasions like this for us to express our heartfelt thanks to our Dads for bringing us up to the best of his ability, with all the hardships and sacrifices that he had to make and endure.


Dads’ hearts are made of the same stuff as ours.
We should never forget the good things in life
that our fathers have taught us.

Remember to take time in your day to say
“Thanks Dad, I love you”, or
“Thank you, I appreciate your help.”

Everyone needs reassurance. Even Dads!

[Taken from this site]