About the hit and run accident

I know she senior citizen, but sometimes these senior citizens very arrogant also. They see car coming they don’t care, just walk across the road to dare you to knock them down and cause you to jam brake, then they don’t even look at you or say thanks or sorry.

Taken from local SG forum

At times, I do agree that drivers must be careful, but when reversing a car out from the parking lot, one need to look at so many places, check left mirror, right mirror and rear mirror too, so it helps if pedestrians have half a brain and don’t go walk behind the car when it’s reversing.

To me, its really dumb. Not necessary to be old folks also, I even seen a young mother holding the hand of her kids trying to run behind the car as it’s reversing. It’s as if waiting a few seconds will create the largest catastrophe that she cannot handle.

Basic fact: If the car was reversing out S-L-O-W-L-Y as it should have been, this poor old woman would not have been in this condition; at most some bruises.

And this f*cker is damn clever too; he did not hit and run. He hit, helped and then run. Fact of case is that the old woman is in the wrong to walk like that and he did hand the old woman to a passerby.

I think he can simply argue that he got something very urgent to attend to, so that was the best he could do.

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