All Roads Entering to City to Have ERP

ERP To be fair to them, they’ve already made known ages ago that they’re going to reduce ownership costs and increase usage costs. Reduction of ownership costs serves to satiate the many aspiring car owners. What most choose not to worry about then was the impending increase in usage costs. They are merely making good on what they have said.

Lower COE prices, reduced ARP and road taxes, 100% financing ….. WOW, let’s go to the showroom and buy buy buy !!!

By the way, the medium term target for ERP charges is $10. And that has little to do with vehicle congestion. 🙁

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haizz what to do this is all what the government can do so that our country will survive.We have no natural resources and the very large pool of it comes from the human resources…Us and our money lor.Think about the government’s project plans/propagandas of future and better housing estates, Sentosa & Marina Bay IR,public transportation and now this ERP.Where did all the funding come from? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..

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