Are we cowards ?

Sometimes I can’t help but think that Singaporeans as a whole are a bunch of cowards.

More often than not, we have heard several news articles being published recently about how criminal activities are happening in public area but none came to offer resistance.

Take for example, the latest Ghim Moh fiasco. There he was, a senile man, slapping, kicking and hitting everyone that he is able to put his hands on and NO ONE, absolutely no one came to offer assistance and merely stood there, watching. If they’re thinking that its funny to watch, then seriously I have no idea what’s on their mind.

It took one man several mins to realise that something is wrong before he began to subdue the guy, together with the help of another 2 guys.

Of course, I’m not saying that one should try to put up any resistance if the man is armed and dangerous. But for heaven’s sake, just 1 guy with bare hands!! Its not like he is doing a Bruce Lee stance or whatsoever. What could be resolve in a matter of minutes had to drag for more than that stipulated amount of time.

And the best part is – they’re DEBATING whether he did the right thing to hit the ‘attacker’ repeatedly, considering the fact that the ‘attacker’ is mad, instead of HELPING to resolve the matter asap!!!

Singaporeans love to watch such episodes unfold live but do not wish to have anything to do with it.
Singaporeans think they are watching soap operas and being MYOB is far better than poking their affairs into such issue.

Well there are certain things that they should stay out of but they did not and when it comes to issue like this or something similar, they tend to keep nose away from them and let the uniform authority handle the matter.

Well, looks like all the campaign on the neighbourhood watch and keeping the public aware on social security viz the Total Defence campaign is just another big HooHaa that have no desiring effect on the community at large.

You think?

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