Backstreet Boys in Singapore 2006

I’m sure for most of the fanatical Singapore fans of boyband group, Backstreet Boys, 24th January 2006 would be a really memorable day for them.

I’m sure Dearie will be writing and publishing illegal photos (digicams are not allowed mind you) at her own site anytime soon.

What amazes me was the witnessing of first-hand, how these fanatical fans will jump down the lobby from the east entrance, wearing no safety devices and having flip-flops, just to run to the back gate to see their idols being escorted in 4 separate mercedes van back to their hotel.

If the Singapore Indoor Stadium can hold a maximum 12000 audience, i’m sure more than 9000+ were present yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the performance staged last night.

I came at 2155 hrs and whilst at the carpark, I can already hear the screams of the ladies in the stadium and as soon as the guys ended their performance, throngs of screaming teens start to rush over just to catch a glimpse. One girl even had the audacity to jump over a bonnet of a parking car because the crowd is getting larger and she wants to take a picture of these guys.

If I was the owner of that car, I’d sue that girl for sure. So what if they are Backstreet Boys? That does not justify your actions of jumping over other people’s property. Idol-crazy fans.

Oh and the C/A/A/S airport police was over there as escorts for the boys. I saw a few familiar faces but they choose to be snobbish and ignore me. What to do, typical Malays in uniform. Nak step kerek konon

Come back a few days time to my darling’s diary for an update on what happen inside the stadium 🙂

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