Demise of grandpa

My grandfather died yesterday around 1840 hrs. He would be reaching his 85th birthday in a few weeks. Though I do not necessarily get up close and personal with him, I remember him to be someone who is very quiet and full of wisdom.

My grandma married him back in ’89, and during the early stages, I remember sleeping over at my grandma’s house and listened to his stories when he was in the Police Force since the re-establishment after the WW2 in the 50’s.

He left behind 4 sons and a daughter (his own). He have 17 grandsons and granddaughters in all. Though not all were present just now, most will be during the praying session this afternoon at the mosque at Eunos.

His stories, great humour and personality, will be miss by all of us…

Praise be to God, Lord of the Universe,

the Mercygiving, the Merciful!

Ruler on the Day for Repayment!

You do we worship and You do we call on for help.

Guide us along the Straight Road,

the road of those whom You have favored,

with whom You are not angry,

nor who are lost!

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