Do people change

I have always been amazed by the fact that people change a lot over time. Some say that people remain “essentially” the same before an event occured that literally changed who they really are down to the core.

I think a lot of people maintain a certain foundation of who they are, and they just build on that. Some go through extreme changes that effect that person so wholly that they shift their foundation and change their personality drastically.I don’t believe we ever stop changing, learning, growing, becoming. It is all a life cycle and one we must embrace and also, probably mourn from time to time.

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I used to think that people will always stay the same, i.e. character-wise but personally speaking, I find this is not true. People do change (or grow, depending on how one sees it) as time goes by. Belief systems may change as well.

Oh well. The only constant variable in life is change itself. 😀

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