Financial discipline

For some people, like Buddy H & partner and Buddy N & partner, I will not think twice about money matters if they were to approach me. I will definitely assist to the best of my ability (and my banking strength) because after knowing them for almost 8 years, I have seen their generosity and trustworthiness which further cemented my comfort level with them.

However.., for some other acquaintances, I am sorry to say that I will usually be calculative and will more often than not, tend to judge first on their credibility before committing to a deal. It might be due to previous experience but I think that if you are not able to exercise control over your financial matters and tend to spend more than what you earn, how on Earth will you be able to repay what you just loan ?

You lend Person X money, its never returned.

You lend Person Y money, only half is paid back till now.

You lend Person Z money, he tried to forget that he ever owe you any money in the first place.

Rather than holding a grudge on them in the long run, I would normally tend to let the matter rest when I was single but now, having a family, I tend to protect my assets more for them.

Of course, this issue definitely applies to lending money to relatives too. There is no doubt that money matters are a highly controversial issue and it is always important to consider the consequences of this.

The point is, if you fail to plan your finances early, you are definitely planning to fail in the long term. That statement does sounded cheesy, coming from a non-financially-educated person but I do think that it is relevant in today’s society and context in general.

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