For the King!!!

Yesterday night, I decided to pop in the Lord of the Rings 2 extended edition vcd and watch in for the 14th time. Don’t ask me why but this kind of movie is a really damn good show that its worth the time spent (its a 3hour 17 min) show.

In the end, I slept at 1330 hrs this morning. Hahah.

My personal preferences in this movie will definitely be the scene whereby Gandalf came down from the top of a hill, on the fifth day of the Battle of the Hornburg, followed by 500 horsemen led by Eomer, the Third Marshall of Riddermark.

That was truly a captivating sight to behold. I can vividly see myself in that scene, jumping over the Orcs and Uruk-Hais, slaying them one by one. That scene never fails to jerk me off the seat, my goosebumps standing right up to the end. Hahah

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