For the love of her

My wife sometimes gets frustrated with me because I think she’s beautiful no matter what she’s wearing. When she puts on a fancy, sexy dress and I tell her she looks beautiful, she sighs and says “Yeah right, you’re just saying that because I’m your wife”.

On the rare days when my wife’s mood prevents a ready smile, she doesn’t waste time finding something to smile about.


I know she didn’t marry me for money, and it’s obvious to all who know me that she cares nothing about looks. Mind and heart are the only things left.

In my dealing with the customers, I have the the habit of giving commands and being obeyed. Sometimes, in my absentmindedness the same dictatorial spirit may possess me when I’m with my wife outside. So periodically my wife have to give me time to come to my senses after work, but certainly not because I have anyone to order around. 🙂

Though every day she’s surrounded by same age co-workers who constantly use words and street slang, she generally refrains and lets no unwholesome word proceed from her mouth. At home, in private, she is using words of double meaning in order to make me blush.

Thanks Dear for being a part of my life and I’m sorry for all the bad things that I’ve done to hurt you. I think we’d have a good marriage even in the 21st century.


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