Funny ordeal

Back from 2 days and 2 nights of time spent for a nearby wedding catering, the one which we cook for the big sister 4 years ago. My mood: Tired. Lethargic. Sleepy.

Funny things to note:

1) Instead of preaching in public, perhaps one can try to educate one’s own family first the next time lest in fear of being the butt of the joke in the later stage of life.

2) Yes, God said that Arab of Quraisy descendant are of higher noble due to our Prophet being of the same race. And only these lineage are ought to be respected in the society.

Unfortunately, these days, 1400 years later. One does not know if the Arabs are really pure Arabs (upholding and preserving true Islamic virtues) or due to influence with Western or modern cultures, have not only throw out the basic, let alone don the unthinkable.

I guess, its now every man for his own. No special treatment, irregardless of race. The only one that will be seen by Him is the one that fear Him.

Have really no mood to go to work tomorrow. Have already sent out 2 more job applications last Friday. Hopefully, the ordeal will end soon. It’ll surely be for the best, for our future.

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ed & nad, aidil & i and a bunch of other foodies (on our friendster group: Makan Kakis) are planning a food outing in June. do grab your wife and join us!

letting you know in advance so you can plan. =)

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