Guess who is taking over the world

This pair of maps show the global presence of Starbucks coffee shops and McDonald’s restaurants. When examined graphically, both companies act as global hubs that connect some of the world’s poorest, most remote countries with some of the wealthiest.

Very cool yet freaky at the same time! Thank god they are all over the world. I can’t imagine having to take vacations without my coffee or McSpicy burger!! 🙂

Watch it!!

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Hey, I didn’t know that you’re a frequent Starbucks coffee drinker. Are you? If so, well, that’s one new fact I know about you. 😀

Hey, Starbucks’ green tea frappucino is not bad. I hate green tea with a passion (due to the perfume-like taste) but this particular drink tastes like chendol!

When you’re free, share a cup with your wifey! 😉

Oooh, you both HAVE to try the green tea frappucino. I don’t know if it has coffee or not but from the taste of it, it doesn’t seem to have. Oooh oooh, and they currently have this chocolate chip java drink, which is SUPER-SINFUL I tell you. Mmm mmm.

I did try the Java Chip..bloody brilliant.. and if you’re talking about chendol taste, he doesnt drink chendol either..unless he never told me about it – again.. rolls eyes

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