Happy Birthday to Me

Its my birthday today (or should I rather say this morning). Celebrated the eve by breaking fast with Dearie and two of my colleagues, Mummy B and Yijja. I’m surprised that I ate only 1 slice of the freaking pizza whereas during my NS stint, I ate up almost half of the round pizza without any issues.

Of course, those were the days when you pray hard that you’re on MC and thus being able to skip your duties at work and keng either at home or outside.

Gone are the days when life used to be a relaxing day. Here comes the time to stop lazing around and start working hard if you want to reap the sow in the distant future.

Soon 2005 will come to and end, closing all its chapters and 2006 will enter, bringing days of hope and what your destiny holds for you, no one can tell for certain. May the upcoming days to come be a blessed for all. In the meantiome, welcome to those who have just stumbled across my new site from the old one.

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