her 27th birthday

New Moon poster. New Moon birthday cake. New moon gadgets. New Moon ! New Moon ! New Moon !!!

Since her addiction to Twilight series and the upcoming release of the movie, I decided to sprang up a surprise for her. Preparations began a month earlier and with assistance from various sources, I was able to get what I wanted.

Thank you to those who help me in getting the information required.

There were some who queried if all was even necessary to go through so lengthy work for just a simple birthday celebration.

To them I say:

She is my wife and she deserves nothing but the best!! [ adjusted appropriately to my income level of course ! 🙂 ]

Happy birthday love !

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Wahhh, she must be over the Moon now! 😛

I wonder if I’ll ever get that all-DBSK love from MY husband, hurhurrr.

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