I’m down with Diarrhoea

Excerpt from Britain’s net doctor site

Diarrhoea is the passing of increased amounts (more than 300g in 24 hours) of loose stools.

It is often caused by a virus or bacteria and can be acute (short term) or chronic (long term) – lasting more than two to three weeks.

Most people are affected by diarrhoea at some time in their lives. It is often accompanied by stomach pains, feeling sick and vomiting. It is usually due to consumption of drinking water contaminated with bacteria, undercooked meat and eggs or inadequate kitchen hygiene – in other words, an infection.

And just last night, I was talking to my matchmaker about this subject. Talk about coincidence!!!

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Having diarroea is better than constipation dude. At least u get to eat charcoal pills and not getting the bullet pill struck into ur ehem.. Arse…. Hehhe…. Bulan puasa ni kena jaga sikit la pasal perut kosong so makanan jgn kau terus bedal makanan pedas lak…

Hehe.. I shall remind you of how you mooned Dr. Joy as she shoved that white, bullet-looking thing up your sexay arse! Woohoo!

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