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On most occasions, I do my own troubleshooting for my home network connections. However, I was too tired last night to do any check thus I decided to rang up my local ISP tech support.

The following is the conversation…

Helpdesk: Hi, welcome to S/i/n/g/n/e/t Broadband support, my name is Ramu (obviously an Indian FT)

Me: Hello, ok what information do you need from me first before I talk about the problem ?

Helpdesk: Ok Sir, let me verify you’re calling from 6XXXXXXX (like Duhh!) and your id is pXXXX80

Me: Yes.

Helpdesk: Ok Sir, how can I help you tonight ?

Me: Since morning (yesterday), I have problem connecting to Internet

Helpdesk: Ok Sir, have you tried to restart the PC because restarting the PC solve almost 2/3 of any computer problems.

Me: Yes, twice. (trying to stifle my laughter at his dead-serious tone)

Helpdesk: Ok Sir, can you tell me what modem are you using?

Me: 2wire HG 2700 model.

Helpdesk: Is it the 2wire 2700 HG wireless modem?

Me: Yes I just said that (trying my best to speak in a calm tone).

Helpdesk: Ok Sir, can you help me check if the modem power is turn on?

Me: Yes (started to think that it might take longer than expected)

Helpdesk: Ok is the light on the DSL status showing a fix light or blinking light?

Me: Fix green light.

Helpdesk: Ok I need you to open Start-> Run and type “cmd”

Me: Done.

Helpdesk: Ok type in the following, “ipconfig”. Tell me what is the IP address that you’re getting.

Me: 192.168.XX.XXX

Helpdesk: Ok then type in “ping”

Me: 4 request timeout.

Helpdesk: Ok I need to check your Internet Options LAN settings now.

Me: Ok I’m in the screen now.

Helpdesk: Can you please check if there is a TICK for use a proxy server?

Me: No because I’m at broadband line.

Now start the interesting argument…

Helpdesk: No Sir, you need to use the proxy server for Internet access. Without proxy server,
there is no way you can surf the Net.

Me: I’m telling you, the S/i/n/g/n/e/t proxy is meant for Jetpack and/or dial-up users. I’m using a BROADBAND connection. it’s automatically configured. (Which part of my sentence that he doesn’t understand ?)

Helpdesk: Sir, trust me on this one else I can’t help you very much.

Me: Ok fine then, let’s assume you’re correct (start to input the details).

Helpdesk: Thank you Sir, and now I need you to close and relaunch the Internet browser.

Me: It’s showing a page indicating Broadband link is not available, ATM connection error.

Helpdesk: No Sir, that can’t be right, even if you cannot see any website, you should be getting a “Page cannot be displayed” error instead.

Me: But I’m telling you, I’m getting a different page. Even after I close and reopen a new browser, I’m still getting the same error page (Can feel the blood rising already)

Helpdesk: I think you may have done some settings wrongly (oh so now its MY fault then). Can you please check the Local Area connection properties and check the TCP/IP properties if the DNS is obtain automatically ?

Me: Its already set to that.

Helpdesk: Ok try to do it manually. Insert this numbers.

Me: Done. (Starting to think it might be a mistake calling the ISP tech support afterall)

Helpdesk: Ok restart the PC and try again.

Me: Ok.

I didn’t restart the machine because this might not be a good resolution to assign a manual DNS IP in the first place. I decided to check physically on the phone line condition while placing the tech support on hold. Minutes later, I found the fault.

Helpdesk: So Mr Mohd, is everything ok ?

Me: Yes, no thanks to you coz the fault does not lie with the computer settings but because the phone line is physically damage thus getting a frequent loss of connection every few minutes.

Helpdesk: No Sir, I don’t think my diagnose is wrong Sir, if you could just-

Me: Its ok Ramu, I will followup from here.

Helpdesk:Ok Sir, if there is anything else, please call us again.

Me: Ok. (NOT)

I change to another phone cable and PRESTO, it works. What a waste of my 10-min. I think pure Indian tech support are rigid, as what Monyotmommy previously mentioned. Heh.

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You know what…? It’s not about the race of the tech support. I’m with the same company, and their whole tech support section is like that. I almost punched my monitor the last time I talked to them. Now I call them only as my last last last lassssssssst resort.

I mean, what’s the point, when they’ll only tell you to try what you already have, and even sometimes tell you to try the wrong things, right?


My goodness, he really followed everything by the book hor? Sekali you settled the problem yourself, hehehe. 😀

Yes Zul, some tech support are really hopeless lah. Its because of them that the whole tech support staff gets a bad name.

I’m also in this line but I judge people based on their ‘skill’ set. At times, when I sense that its a young, IT-savvy dude, I will skip the unnecessary stuff and jump right to the technical jargons.

Lol! Buang masa sak kau call dorang. Give ’em some credit dah dey .. I think their mindset is like ours – we all think that whoever calls the hotline are dumbos hehehehe ..

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