Jaywalkers and inconsiderate pedestrians

I would not be surprised if I read on the news anytime soon that a TPJC student is knocked down while going to their institution early morning. These students have an issue of coming to their JC earlier than their reporting time and will end up DASHING across the streets irregardless of the impending vehicles movements when they hear the bell or they saw the shutters start to close.

While I normally travel across their institution every morning to go to my workplace in the safety limit (around 50 km/h by the way, which set me to think, kinda slow with that speed, perhaps 60 is more appropriate ?), I have seen several horns blasting from other vehicles due to their reckless behavior in running across the road in a bid to enter the school gates before their shutters are dropped down.

And a few traffic lights down the road, you will see some pedestrians thinking they are ‘kings’ on crossings, even though with green man blinking and count down meter registering 4…3…, they still drag their feet as slow as a tortoise.

It is happening everyday. If a driver is caught driving holding a mobile is an offence, what about pedestrian who are doing SMSing and at the same time dragging their feet on the crossing ?

Jaywalkers and pedestrian traffic violators should not entitled to use the road in whatever way they desire. But such careless attitudes to road safety is not something law enforcement can change overnight. Fines and enforcement are but one avenue.

In the end, education has a role, and schools, parents and the media should also be obligated to inculcate the right safety (or rather common sense) mindsets at an early age.

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Hallo! Lemme just say here. If you’re talking about the EARLY AGE of school, somehow, the kids know what it is the right thing to do. They can tell you a 1001 things that can happen if you jaywalk and why one cannot jaywalk and go home with that knowledge of road safety. We can only brainwash the kids that much.

However, inevitably, SOME (*apologies*) parents, do the opposite of what is to be done and sometimes put their own children’s lives in danger by dashing across the street while dragging them behind. This clash in what is taught, gets the kid confused if you’re talking about early age.

When the kid goes up, it is the itch to challenge the rules and test waters that creeps into the kids’ minds. They get that adrenaline rush when they ‘do-something-but-didn’t-get-caught’. Besides, if the adults can do it, why not them?

And since you’re talking about jaywalking, don’t let me catch YOU doing it! =p

Is it considered jaywalking if one crosses the street NOT at the designated zebra crossing but further away from there, when the green man signal is on?

And is that the opposite that I see?

These students have an issue of coming to their JC earlier than their reporting time and will end up DASHING across the streets irregardless of…

Don’t you mean: “These students have an issue of coming to their JC *later* than their reporting time and will end up DASHING across the street irregardless of…”

By the way, there isn’t such a word as “irregardless”. 🙂

To Suhaila,

Zebra crossing where got green man lah ? The traffic junction itself you mean ?

Well, I am not sure what constitutes the boundaries of the road before one is being label as a jaywalker, although at times, I am guilty of doing such offences as well. 🙁

But interesting point that you brought forward with the word ‘irregardless’. I remembered using this word during one of the English lessons back in sec school era and there was a debate about this word too.

If I remember it correctly, its sort of a combination of two words regardless and irrespective but it somehow became an illogical meaning of some sort. But it sounds.. correct to me hence I used that word again.

Edited: Did a check and Wikipedia have a detail meaning and history of that word too. Check it out.

To Suhaila again,

Actually, I don’t see the opposite lei.

The students have an issue of coming to their JC earlier than their reporting time meaning they got problem coming earlier than the time they are suppose to be in JC lor.

If they have an issue of coming to their JC *later* than their reporting time, wouldn’t that imply that they have a problem coming later than the time they are suppose to be in JC ?

Oh yah hor. Haha. My bad. My thinking got twisted along the way.

And “irregardless” is still grammatically wrong to me. Hurrr.

I’m guilty of jaywalking when I was in JC, TPJC some more. But I wasn’t the only one! *looks at the other two culprits*

Come on. What was I supposed to do?! The no. 28 bus stop was right across the school and as far as I remembered, there wasn’t any zebra crossing nearby. The closest traffic lights-cum-pedestrian crossing was many hundred metres away. In addition, the bus stop before the one in front of school, was even further away as compared to the pedestrian crossing.

Unless, of course, LTA has upgraded the area. *winks*

To Halimah,

It’s ok with me if you cross the street while observing the traffic conditions.

What irks me is the way they run across and EXPECTING the vehicles to slow down or stop for them.

Its their fault for coming late and please don’t expect the drivers to slow down for them.

Ehh ehhh, when we jaywalked last time, we ALWAYS made sure the cars whizzed by first before crossing. It was imperative to do so because we had to “open ceremony” at the same time, remember? 😉

Yeah, Witt, I agree. Besides, we want to cross the road, not kill ourselves, you know. Hehe.

Btw, I agree with Witt about “irregardless”. Cuba tengok Singapore Pledge. Kan “regardless of race, language and religion”. Kalau regardless means “tak kira”, irregardless means “kira” lah eh?

By the way, I don’t know if it’s the browser in school, but I cannot see the entries on your index page. I have to see who has commented (at the side of the page) in any particular entry and click on the entry to view it.

And The entries on Semah’s page are all at the bottom-most of her page, on the left side, right below links and what-nots. Again, is it just the browser in school or there’s something seriously wrong with the codes?


If you are using IE at school, switch to Firefox. IE cannot render the CSS files correctly (for Semah’s site).

As for my site, it works perfectly OK in IE using my office computer.

I think its the browser going bonkers on you 😛

Dunno leh. Last time (as in still this year) your site and Semah’s look normal in school (using IE). I can’t download Firefox in school (well technically I *can* since I remembered the TA’s password and he never changed it anyway, so I can actually log in as Administrator on my laptop, since only the Administrator is able to perform downloading actions) without feeling as if I’m going to get hauled for it if I ever transfer out and have to return my laptop.

Phew! Mouthful!

Oh well. I’m just going to ask my TA if I can do so. Dia pun tak suka “makcik” dia. Hurhurhurrr.


Maybe you need to reset IE back to its default settings. But then again, you need to have administrator privileges in order to perform the configuration.

So go on, get it done and over with 🙂

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