Legislation regarding bicycles on Singapore roads

Points to note:

1) Front AND Rear lights are mandatory in the dark.
2) Helmets are optional (unless bike has a motor).
3) Cyclists are allowed to ride 2 abreast (but no more).
4) Cyclists are allowed on the road, but must keep to the left and out of the way of faster traffic.
5) Cyclists cannot use the road if there is a dedicated cycle path along the same route.

Hmmm… I was wondering, how about cyclists who cycle across pedestrain crossings, i.e. traffic light crossings and zebra crossings? Always thought that they had to get down from their cycles and walk across, while pushing their bikes.

And how about raining ? Are cyclists still allowed to cycle with one hand holding umbrella ?

In my 27 years of living, I never thought that its an offence to cycle on the pedestrian walkway. Its only recently that due to the increase in the number of bicycle accidents with pedestrians that the Traffic Police finally inform everyone about the existence of such a rule.

Gosh and it was never implemented or re enforced anyway. In any case, I wouldn’t want to ride on the road, at least with the current surge of drunk drivers with the hit and run attitude at large.

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I still insist on having the NO BICYCLES ON PEDESTRIAN PATHWAYS rule hehehehehe.

Tanak cycle on road, jalan kaki lor. Otherwise, naik bus aje.

So you want cyclist to travel on the road and risk involving in car accidents due to reckless driving ?

Imagine cases whereby there is no bus-stop nearby or its within the neighbourhood itself. Perhaps that’s the reason they opt to cycle instead ?

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