Mafia Wars

After being introduced and hook on to this game, here are my current statistics, correct as at 2nd November 2009. This would also mean that I have been playing this game for the past 1 year and 1 day already.


As you can see, in 1 year, I have rose up to level 313 with my character mode as Fearless. Some people have questioned how I managed to level up so fast, to the extent of increasing my level thrice every 24 hours.

Fast hand, fast leg quick tips:

1) Thou shall concentrate on level up your character first by doing jobs as long as thou level < 100. When leveling up, always concentrate more on your energy level. Divide your skill points into ratios for each individual smaller category (i.e. 1 skill point for attack, 2 skill point for defense and 3 skill point for energy).

2) Thou shall not pick a fight with others until thou level >= 100. When leveling up, you can now start to incorporate your skill points to build up your health and stamina as well.? You guys are lucky that the developers removed the need to deduct 2 skill points to increase 1 stamina level instead of the current 1 point deduction. Remember that you need to have more points in defending rather than equal amount with attack.

3) Thou shall only use Energy pack when thou are at Energy = zero and ideally right after thou have level up and use up the energy that was refilled from the level up. The only time I don?t wait to level up before using an energy pack is when I know that I can use up the entire energy pack without leveling up in the middle of that energy (and let energy points go to waste).

So far this is the 3 tips that I shall share with you for now. I’ll continue to update the tips if I am not lazy.

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