Marriage preparation: End of Marriage Course

Dah dapat lesen.. untuk kahwin!!!

Yeah, so yesterday, I got the inaugural certificate for marriage aka COE for marriage.
Not a very torrid affair though, although literally, the scorching heat emitted from the spotlights during the stage photo-taking can melt down the ladies’ 1-inch makeup/cosmetics accessories.

Lessons learnt during the marriage course:

– Financial planning ie staying in 3-room/4-room or under the bridge?
– When the marriage is solemnized, the husband is taking a huge responsibility from his father-in-law. Total package.
– Effective communication between you and your partner.
– Wives have quota to fill up. If they don’t reach their quota, let them NAG at you.
– Vision of your future family from now till end of life.
– Love and Sex. Explanation below.
– No entry from the back. Anal is a definite NO-NO.
(Doggie-style is ok.) Can do any positions as long as both are comfortable.
– Foreplay is needed. No wham bam thank you ma’am.
– Most girls who talk during marriage courses don’t use their brain to think long term. Empty vessels make the loudest noise.
– New age girls have higher expectations plus higher expenditures from their husbands.
– Husbands will end up bald or have lesser hair by 10 years. Mark my words if your wife belongs to the previous point above.

Marriage course is done. Up next, the invitations.

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