There is a very weird (but strangely addictive) Japanese game which seems to revolve around running over someone on a bicycle, and then seeing how far you can throw the body based on angles and velocities and all sorts of crazy shit.

It’s mad – I grant you that, and called Nanaca – Crash, but for some reason it’s also particularly addictive as you try to best your previous distance. My record is 3059.49 meters so let me know if you manage to do any better!

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hehe.. memandangkan yg aku ni co-worker yg baik hati, i decided not to be selfish and shared this game with the boys in my office..
we have set place on the whiteboard for the highest record setter amongst us… kononnyer mcm competitive ah…

current best record from my kolik is 4399.58m..

hehe.. im still trying very very very hard to beat that… hahaha

Bahhh… My best record so far is only 3539.96m. Hahaha. Damned girl in the green box keep stopping my rolling man! Hahhahahah! 😛

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