Night at Hong Bao River

Well, not exactly the river in Shenzhen, China but trust the Singapore Tourism Board to come up with such a plan at where else but the Singapore River itself.

In the first place, it wasn’t really our intention to go there as we didn’t even know about the whole event. Met up with Dearie, and had dinner, together with my matchmaker and the fiance at Bugis Banquet.

After which, decided to make a long walk down towards Esplanade, which made us bump into a good pal of mine, Fragments. Along the way, Dearie spotted Batman’s signal at the night skies. Heh.

We were near the traffic junction overlooking Swissotel and the Singapore Cricket Club when at 2100 hrs, fireworks were on display for 3-5 minutes just above Esplanade. Onlookers began scurrying to get a closer look, tugging their wailing children at the same time.

As we were heading towards Cavenagh Road, we discovered that road blocks were being place for traffic diversion by the friendly folks of Aetos Auxillary Police.

The whole damn stretch was occupied by all of them. Rubbish were everywhere, due to overflow of the trashbin I suppose. Pity the cleaner who’s going to clean it up the next day. Few Malay stall at the edge of the Merdeka Bridge though I doubt if business is good for them.

All four of us walk across the Cavenagh Bridge instead, up towards Fullerton Hotel, went down their majestic underpass towards One Fullerton and sat down just beside the friendly Merlion, spewing mist at us occasionally. It was of course, a scenic night, full of calmness and its really a good way to relieve your stress.

I think we should do this more often guys. Reach home at 2330 hrs though after a SLONG(slow and long) bus ride home.

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