no need payphones these days.. or not?

Where are the public phones when you need one ?

I forgot to bring my handphone this morning. I only realised it when I reach N/I/E and was about to take the elevator and seeing someone sashay-ing her IPHONE on her neck prominently.

It was then I remembered placing it at the charging unit before I entered the toilet this morning. Sensing that I might overcharge the phone and also to notify my wife that I have forgotten to bring the phone, I search the whole campus from Blk 1 to Blk 7 but I was surprised that there is NO public phone at all !!

And to make matters worse, I can feel my stomach pressure building up and the urge to do my morning ‘business’ was increasing as time clocks by. In the end, after 30 min of walking and roaming from blk to blk, I gave up and decided to retreat to my fortress of solitude a.k.a toilet@L3 Library for the next 20 min.

When I was done, I turn on my laptop and 50% hope to find my wife online playing her Facebook games but of course, she is not, thus confirming her morning sickness has taken a toll on her health that much.

I thought of asking anyone online on MSN to help contacting her but none that I think knew her, was available at that point in time. Thanks to Anis, Ida’s husband, whom willingly want to call on my behalf (after conditions have been meted out) though in the end, I had to put extra money into Skype before I could reach her.

But that is not the main point.

What I want to know, is why the heck have the pay phones been uninstalled at N/I/E ?

Initially, I wanted to borrow a mobile phone from any strangers in N/I/E but what would you feel when you are being approach by someone whom you didn’t know and want to borrow your mobile phone ? I would probably freak out too.

So when I ask the canteen auntie about the location of any public phones around campus, I was instead greeted with a sarcastic smile followed by her comments about technological advancement and I am still looking for public phones in campus.

So what if the world is changing technologically ? If technology fails, wouldn’t one need to have an alternative, contingency plans ?

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The government probably took it for granted that payphones will not be needed anymore. True that most Singaporeans own a mobile phone but sometimes it’s just nice to have a public phone somewhere in the case of an emergency.

Oh well, perhaps next time you could borrow the office phone in the library? Emergency mah.

Err… even as a student-teacher, they would probably think twice and probably continue thinking in their heads as to what exactly is the emergency. Hahaha

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