Of countries and its nationalities

During the bus trip home, Dearie and I played an impromptu game. I’ll name a country and she will guess the nationality of the citizens ie Singapore = Singaporeans and so forth.

However, there were a few countries which we were both stump upon and upon further pondering. Help?

1. Holland = Hollandese?
2. Democratic Republic of Congo = Congee?
3. Costa Rica = ?
4. Nicaragua = ?
5. Honduras = ?

Feel free to add on more to these

5 replies on “Of countries and its nationalities”

  1. Dutch
  2. Congoans
  3. Costa Ricans
  4. Nicaraguans
  5. Hondurese

My instincts but you check whether I’m accurate or not lah ah.

Okay, I’ve actually taken the liberty to check ‘cos I’m anal like that. Hurhurhur.

Nos 1, 3 and 4 are right.

  1. Congolese

  2. Honduran

So there ya go. 🙂

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