Of exorcism and the other kind

Among all the horror pictures that I have seen, never before have I seen such a remarkable piece of true story brought over and shown to the world with a deep social impact to the public.

Exorcism of Emily Rose

From my point of view, this movie conveys a lot of messages and stresses how important it is to have integrity and how sometimes you have to sacrifice your ambitions, and to do what your heart tells you.

A movie about exorcism may seem like rather flashy material for bringing up such weighty issues, but if you take the Quran at its word, as I assume many readers of this blog do, then the question of when and how often demonic possession is misconstrued as a psychological disorder is a legitimate one. And its cultural implications need not only apply to something as dramatic as possession.

Is it possible, for example, that depression is sometimes treated as a physical condition when it is more symptomatic of a spiritual sickness; of the malaise that comes from living a purposeless life? Or are the behaviors we now label “compulsive” (over-eating, over-drinking, over-copulating) nothing more than old-fashioned sin?

These questions went on lingering my mind long after the credits start to roll in. However, what would really be a heart-wrenching experience for me is when I log on to the Internet to find out what actually happen to the real girl on that night in June 30th, 1976. A far cry from what the movie portray (probably due to the time constraint and the political/religious factor surrounding this issue), you may want to read the actual account here.

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