Police raid wrong address

What would you if you were relaxing at home, watching a movie and all of a sudden, someone came pouncing on your door and demand to be let in ?

An Accokeek couple is demanding an apology after Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Deputies burst into their home and killed their dog – all because deputies went to the wrong address….

For 45 minutes the Myers were kept prisoner in their own home.

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I have one question. When will the country reach its last straw?

Look at the line, “The deputy says he feared for his life”. This line is used so often, I wonder if Police Department have to issue all officers pampers so they won’t wet themselves every time they leave the station.

The officer in the tactical armour, helmet, and Storm Trooper-boots, who is armed with a large and presumably powerful firearm, assured with a straight face that he was intimidated by a dog. So intimidated, in fact, that he had to kill it!!

Oh and get this straight.The guy they were looking for lived two doors down, yet they still apprehended him after the commotion, discharge of firearms and killing of family dog all over the street. Clearly, surprise was not a completely necessary element for the serving if said warrant.

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