Postpone lesson without informing student

Or I forgot, we are like fleas to you is it ? No need to inform us at least by email yesterday and just scoot off to some seminar and paste a note on the door telling us to come back during 1330 to 1430 hrs to listen to your lecture again ?

Sorry, I don’t have any respect for lecturers whom are inefficient in their own time management. I got other things to do at noon and I have Friday prayers to attend to.

I am seriously pissed off by this sudden change of event.

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Do you seriously think that’s being “a typical Singaporean”? Me, I think that’s doing the right thing. I won’t stand for crap like that!

I would say the actual typical Singaporean thing to do is to just let it fester inside and keep silent and just take it. That’s what most people I know would do. :/

Zul, I feel that *is* a Singaporean trait. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. In this case, it *is* the right thing to do.

Letting something fester inside and keeping silent about it is, in my humble opinion, a typical Malay trait. 😀

Oh well, I did a bit of both actually. Of course, I didn’t attend the make-up lecture.

I was told that half the class did not attend his second lecture too. Of course, he didn’t bother to pursue the matter since it was his fault in the first place.

Besides, if its a seminar that he is going off to, obviously its something that he can prepare way beforehand, not like its some kind of urgent or personal matters that he had to cancel at the very last minute.

Needless to say, none of us bothered to complain the issue anyway. Most of us just wanna get the hell outta there and enjoy our Friday 🙂

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