Random Thoughts

I have learnt lately that:

1. To be helpful is OK but too nice in helping is a definite not OK. This is especially true when it comes to covering duties. When one is not around and she expects you to clear up her stuffs when she is gone, just like before.

2. Sometimes it is necessary in life to lie a little, not too much but just a little. This is true in order to continue your life in peace and to prevent further reprimand from your superior. This is also true when there are bastards in your department who expect you to cover your own a** when you’re in a tight spot.

3. You’ve considered missed viewing the event that you were not even invited in the first place. How about that? NOT invited = MISSED it!!

4. Do unto others what you want others do unto you.

5. Racists still exist and are living luxuriously in Singapore. They can easily be identified when they are in the society – rather stand up than sitting in a bus beside a dark-skinned lady/man, rather wait for the next lift than taking the lift with a mix of other races and many more.

6. The commuters that use the public transport are generally divided into two group.

One group consist of those who will probably end up dead if they could not board the crowded bus that came, fearing that the next bus will only come at 6 am tomorrow morning.

The other consist of those who do not give a thought about other commuters and would rather stand at their current position – under the air-con – rather than to move to the rear of the bus. It took about 3 pleas made by the bus captain before some reluctantly moved, for a few feet away from their current place.

And here we are, a caring and considerate society.

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Oh katak bro,
One can go on and on with endless rants on our caring and considerate society. Some people wrote in suggesting we bring back the courtesy campaign. I say forget it! What use is it wasting the money we gave the gahmen for such fruitless campaigns. Nothing has changed and nothing will.

That must be the sole reason why the gahmen banned fireams licensing in Singapore. Just imagine the number of shootings that could take place in the early morning rush hour.

But of course … we don’t promote violence acts especially crazy shootings anywhere in the world be it at Vir. Tech or Serangoon Tech. Senseless acts as such should not be condoned in Singapore. If you are unhappy in Singapore you should write to the newspapers or voice out on your next meet-the-people-session. Surely these avenues can help out Singaporeans in distress. Wow, we are so lucky to have all these helpful avenues. So no violence and voicing out of our unhapppiness.

Till then, let’s just limit ourselves to our own imagination. We absolutely love Singapore, the gahmen and the way the country is ran. Oh Singapore, we love you so!

Racism is everywhere lah, Katak. It’s just that in our country, it’s swept under the rug, but lift up that rug, you’ll see a whole bloody mess of racists.

A “caring and considerate country” is a deluded vision cooked up by our so-called leaders.

Hehehe.. that vision since young has been instilled upon our minds. I think those who object to that is seen as rebels lah.

Eh I also want $3,000,000 can ? 😛

How about those tat chose to sit on the outer seat and pretending dumb unless another one appraches them for the inner seat? Tat kind of people is increasing u know.

OH yes how true. No 2, No 5 and No.6 especially.


Eh i forgot to say u also racist what….haha the post dedicated to your wife about her being boyanese but not carrying their traits. WAHAHHAHAHA.

Caught u there ah!! Okie la, I am a hater of my own race….pffffttttt.

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