I am greatly appalled by the behaviour of one particular Chinese trainee teacher (foreign talent). In those mornings that I came early to school and sit in the library, I can observe her selfish behaviour in ‘chope-ing’ one of the wall plugs for her laptop, even though she have NOT yet use her laptop. Once she have done this, she would either:
a) Go up to other levels to read/loan books only to return back in 1-2 hours time OR
b) sit at the table and READ newspaper.

All this is done while the wall power plug is turn on, not connected to her own laptop. Talk about saving Earth or electricity.

Pity those folks who came to sit at nearby tables and when they approach her to use the wall plug to charge their laptops for a while, she brushed them aside saying that she is going to start using her laptop but when they left the area, she continued reading the newspaper.

There was once, my laptop battery’s was dying and I knew she was not at her table (probably doing part [a] above) so I casually plug out her laptop plug and insert my own plug instead. About close to an hour later, she came back and when she saw her plug was dangling beside her laptop, she approached me to probably ask about issue. Needless to say, I just shrugged my shoulders, took out my laptop’s plug and plugin her own cable before I left the area. I can sense she was fuming mad at me but I couldn’t care less.

This morning, she came about 30 mins after I have reach the library and quickly plugin her laptop cable beside my own cable (this new area have 2 empty socket plugs) and begin her daily routine of reading her newspaper.

Talk about imparting good, moral skill sets to children. How to, if you don’t even portray such skills in the first place ?

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