Sighting at Bedok Reservoir Park

Even now, as I am typing and trying to recall the incident, I still shudder and felt thankful to God for ensuring my safety? that night.

The incident occurred a couple of weeks back but I still have visions of it till this day. I have no idea why I chose that route instead of my usual route going home. It was drizzling as I was driving home that night but strangely enough, it only started as I was nearing the area.

Those who frequent Bedok Reservoir Park will be familiar with the stretch opposite the row of condominiums being erected in the nearby vicinity. Although it was brightly lit, that night, the lights doesn’t appear to be that bright at all.

I remembered looking at the watch before stopping at the traffic light. 2200 hrs. Strangely, no cars were with me at the junction. Not even from the opposite road. As I waited patiently for the light to change green, my eyes were glancing to my right, trying to catch a glimpse of the reservoir itself.

Then, I saw it.

From the corner of my eyes, I caught some movement on the trees. As I gazed further, transfixed to that position, I saw something white hovering and wavering at the trees. I could feel goosebumps on my forearms, my neck and my legs instantly.

The car’s temperature was mysteriously colder than what I have set initially. I knew something which I should not have seen and dreaded to see is over the trees. I was trembling but I just floored my pedal, coinciding with the traffic light change. Imagine my shock when I glance over my side mirror and I saw the white cloth and a ghastly image hovering a few metres behind my car !!

I think I drove the car just in gear 2 all the way home from there. I couldn’t remember how I manage to drive home after seeing what I saw. That face was not describable by words alone. The closest that I could think of was from the face of that child who got possessed in The Exorcist (1973 film). Even then, the face that I saw at the road was enough for me to go bonkers for 2 days straight, with me having thoughts about it the whole night.

My wife said that I was trembling that night and I had nightmares about the incident too. Not to mention my body temperature shot up till Tuesday.

It was something that I was not prepared for and I guess, it was just my luck, or pure coincidence that it chance upon me, that fateful night.

Lesson to be learn from this episode: Don’t drive shortcuts unless if you are dead sure, you know the way around. On second thought, the perfect lesson to be learn here is, keep your eyes on the road.