slow and under probation drivers

If you just pass your driving and are new to the roads in Singapore, please don’t be a slowpoke and drive at a speed of 70 km/h on the highway at the 2nd lane (the lane beside the overtaking lane).

I mean, why can’t you just stick to the slow-moving lane if you want to cruise at that speed, oblivious to the honks made by other furious drivers towards you ?

Sometimes, I don’t blame people from labeling female drivers (yes, that driver was a female driver). Just yesterday, I was driving around my neighborhood when a car just made a turn from a carpark exit without stopping to check for incoming vehicles on the main lane. No points for guessing who was on that lane unfortunately though. Luckily, I was not travelling too fast but even so, had it been some other driver, the lady would not be let off so easily.

So what is the main point of this blog entry ? I guess, as much as I want the stereotype towards female drivers to be lifted off, female drivers do have a part to play in driving a little bit more carefully.

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