So what did I see a few days back?

A packet of tissues that had been specially manufactured to host the words:


I was in disbelief. I stared at it so hard that the lady who was carrying it in front of me got seriously conscious of me and hid it away.

Talk about kiasuism. Sheesh.

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bak kata Starbucks Parkway Parade

Chope-ing seats with your packet of tisu paper is the most UN-A-PEELING thing a person can do..

dats so true for the idiots who do that!

Hah! I’m sure it’ll be a hit with the Shenton Way crowd!

Next time I’ll introduce toilet rolls with such labels so people can chope toilet seats too!

whey…if you have to chope, you have to chope. it makes practical sense, saves time, all your lunch buddies can go queue up for their food at the same time, eat quickly then give up the seats to the next grp of persons who need them. wonder where i can buy those tissue packets? I know there’s another version: clear white plastic with big red bold letters: C H O P E. waaahhh!! i want!!

and oh yes, if u come back to your table before your friends do, you can simply put those tissue packets on their seats. that way, you won’t have to keep saying “yes” to other pple who ask, “are these seats taken”?

i think chope-ing and doing so with tissue packets (cheap enough that you won’t mind if they’re stolen but impt enough as a symbol of your ‘temporary turf’ to be respected). it’s an ingenious way for us all to survive especially crazy weekday lunches out. =)))))

No. A definite no to these stupid packets of tissues. NO.

One day, I’m going to take the tissue paper packet, and say, “Oh hey! Free tissue paper!” And put it in my pocket.

Jaga korang…

The most sensible and logical way is of course, to get someone to act as the “jaga” while the rest queue and buy food.

if i were eating out alone, i’d be left with no choice but to chope if there’s a huge lunch crowd. i can imagine a scenario where i am alone, i want a quick hot meal, i come down early and i see an empty seat, i reserve that one seat with my tissue packet. is that so wrong? i’d be so miffed if a guy with his bunch of friends comes along and steals both my seat and my tissue packet.

i think chope-ing is akin to calling in to reserve seats at a restaurant or joining a queue/ waiting list to enter an establishment. besides, you don’t enter a restaurant only to seat yourself at a table that says “reserved” (by others) and remove the “reserved” sign.

at hawker centres / food courts, you obviously can’t ask the stall owners to ‘reserve’ your seats for you even if you’ve made the effort to get there first. lol. also there’s no queue or waiting list or waiters either to regulate seating.

in the end, we’re all just trying to survive, get seated & grab a quick hot meal. i see no harm really with chope-ing if you were there first. =)

Shaz, I like reading your point of view. In fact, I don’t find reserving seats at hawker centres a problem. It’s more of the manner of doing so through tissue papers that irks me, since in the first place, a hawker centre is not like a restaurant where you can call to make reservations.

Undoubtedly, there is this unwritten law (albeit, found within the Singaporean society) that a packet of tissue paper signifies a table to have been booked. I guess during lunchtime, it’s inevitable to do so, as everyone (or most people) would be out and about looking for seats. It’s especially understandable if one were alone.

However, I feel in other instances i.e. weekends for example, I find it appalling to chance upon an empty table only to discover a packet of tissue there. Pfffttt. I don’t know about other people, but I don’t mind sharing a table with strangers if I were there first and there are no other tables around.

hi suhaila! so your gripe is with the kiasu-ness of chope-ing a whole table when you need only, say, 2-3 seats. you are not really against the method of chope-ing i.e. with tissue packets then. =)

and omg, eddyboi and uncle sha – champion la both of u! one whole box of already!

Ok I forgot to include 1 minor detail here. I am not sure if the lady intend to reserve 1 seat only or not but she put the tissue at the centre of a 6-seater table.

So selfish lah I tell you.

You guys have presented your arguments nicely and each are correct in you own ways. But to me, if you want to reserve, put that bloody tissue packet near your seat rather than booking the whole 6-seater table for that.

Tsk tsk tsk


I don’t have a well-thought out reason why I am not happy with the tissue-paper chope thing, but I still say no!

Rarr!!! Shaz, I’m coming for your tissue paper soon! 😛

Katak, next time, angkat je dat tissue n use it. Kalau lady tu dtg balik, u cakap je la – “oh i thot someone accidentally left this tissue packet..anyway i’m in need of tissue ma’am.. sorry…” then mkn je. Leaving a packet of tissue, or severals or even a box doesn’t mean anything. It’s not in the dictionary or vocabulary.. I wonder which bible they are referring to.. tsk..tsk… =)

Anyway, i think to reserve a table, the appropriate way is the traditional ones = leave one of your cliques to “chope” the whole table/area. This is very reasonable.

the act of chope-ing seats with a packet of tissue papers really irritates me. to me, it is reasonable to chope a place by asking one of your friends to sit down at the table and “jaga” the seats.

but tissue papers??!! really really overboard.

btw, i love reading your blog. (:

What I do normally is…

Sweep the packet of tissue off the table and sit down. And when the person comes back to the table all angry…I give him the most innocent look and utter the words:”sorry is anything the matter??….and is that your packet of tissues u seemed to drop on the floor??”

LOL…..wahahahahahahhaa…..there’s no such thing as chope…come on!!

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