The fracas with thick-headed pedestrians

On days that I ride my bicycle to work, those mornings, afternoons and evenings are really a test of my mind to tolerate such people whom, despite several blaring alarms generated from my electronic bell, refuse to budge from their original path and continue to walk three in a line or sometimes, even four in a line.

At times, I even had to reduce my speed to normal walking momentum and say “Excuse Me” before they shift (slightly) to allow just small gap for me to whizz through. Mind you these are educated crowd that work in those IT-savvy buildings located along the stretch of Kaki Bukit Ave.

However, this afternoon, an incident left me with a less favorable impression on these imbeciles.

Along the path near to BNSS, there were three ladies, more like bitches, walking in one straight line, laughing their hearts out as if they are the only freaking humans oblivious to the surrounding.

There I was, 10-15 metres fast approaching to overtake them and sounding my alarm, I happen to see one of them glancing to her back but continue to walk like nothing happen. When I was about 5 metres to them, I sounded the alarm again which, by then will already be impossible for them not to hear.

But hell no they won’t budge a distance from the pavement. In the end I had to literally cycle at a speed which would have made Kevin Foster pretty much embarrass to look at me, and tell them politely to make way for me to pass through.

Surprisingly, instead of doing the norm, one of them turn back, look at me in the face and while staring hard, muttered these words to me:

“Road so big, drive on the pavement for what?”

Ok first of all, she must definitely be a bimbo. I mean, who else can see me driving a ‘2-wheeler’ car other than her own self?

Secondly, does she even think that she bloody owns the pavement? That no one other than her appointed friends and her can use the pavement?

I was so tempted to ask if she pay road-tax for walking on the pavement. However, with a smile, I just said that cyclists are meant to share the pavement with the pedestrians, not with cars.

With that, I sped off the scene. With a glance, I could see how red-face she was and her friends were laughing at her too.

What’s the moral of the story?

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