the incident at the car-wash in bedok north

I was at a petrol kiosk carwash in Bedok North earlier this afternoon. I thought my car could get a good wash since its been raining for the past few days now and the car has been a tad too dirty….

Okay okay, perhaps it was ALREADY dirty before the recent downpour. So in any case, I drove up to this particular area because as far as I know, this is the only one that I know which have those machine-operated dryer after a foam wash.

This was the first time that I saw a group of teenagers doing the washing instead of the usual regulars in charge. As I was waiting in queue, I saw a couple of them stealing glances at my car. It was then I realised that they were sneering at the sight of my transformers logo. As my car approach nearer, they noticed my SCDF uniform hanging at the back, which I have brought along since I was on standby this month, and start to talk out loud to their comrades, thinking that my radio was on perhaps.

Teen #1: “Eh siak ah. Civil Defence punya kereta la. Abang sarjen ada kat dalam. Cuma bebudak Civil Defence jer yang boleh keluar siang curi tulang. Kita jugak budak Army yang rajin.”

Teen #2: “Dorang memang biasa. PEMALAS.”

A couple of them burst out laughing soon after.

I heard them, but I didn’t do nothing. Deep down I was thinking to myself, who is the lazy one in this scenario ? So what if they are from the Army. I wanted to ask them who are they servicing right now. I could have just talk to them after the wash is over and when making payment but I realised that I cannot bring myself to humiliate another person.

Maybe when they grow up, they will realise what they have said. Or maybe not.

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