The night she went Italian

Well, I didn’t mean to say that she went to Italy but technically, she whopped out Italian dishes last night with a marvellous taste. And all these without referring to a cookbook!!

And how am I suppose to slim down eh? With such a great chef wifey turns out to be, she made pizza and lasagne for me last night, I hardly have time to remember to take pictures of the delicacies before it went gobbling down my throat.

Now I think I ate too much cheese. Feeling a tad too whoozy last night that I just slumped onto my bed without making any noise. Hahaha.

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alah senang nak buat pizza hehehehe campak sambal belacan sambal telur sambal tumis pat atas roti tu jadi pizza jawa….

anyway dapat rasa tak masakan lauk melayu your wife??

I have yettttt to do it 😛

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