The one on furthering study

Suddenly this one looks kinda cool too. Gotta seek advise from da matchmaker’s guy on this first.

We all know that Dip level holders now in abundance. So much so that pretty soon, its going to be like an O level cert – everyone’s got it now. And O level cert is going to be like PSLE cert – can just dump it to the bin can just place it at the top of your wardrobe. Don’t get me started on what PSLE cert is equivalent to.

I think this country is being too fast paced as compared to other countries elsewhere in the region, or in fact, the rest of the world. Yes, our education is No.1 right now thanks to the discipline being enforced by the education ministry here.

However, I think that at times, its the pressure being enforced by the education ministry that makes the students feel stress and resort to negative traits too. This, together with the employment standards being enforced by the manpower ministry, raises the bar on the employment criteria and now, we are facing job competition due to our embrace on globalisation issue too.

Oh great, random thoughts making up a random paragraph up above.

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Pardon me, but the way i see things, its like the government is expecting more tourists than us. Its no surprise when one day, most foreigners migrate here into Singapore and we Singaporeans will one day migrate out of Singapore. I certainly hope Government will be a bit tactful there lol.

I understand that Goverment is making the education here the best and even trying to make Singapore a main tourist paradise sort of, but its really picking us out. Increase in GST, CPF deduction. Pay remains. I should have studied hard and join the government lol.

But dude, if my comments however seems quite a debating ones, kindly help me to delete off aight.

Don’t just pity the kids, yah? Teach L-ss Learn M-re doesn’t mean we teachers have less work to do. It becomes double. And remember, we have a 24-hour work.

In this comment, somehow, you don’t have that much grammatical errors, Dec. Hehe.

Thx Freek, but i still feel there’s some.. Some grammar error somehow hehe. Katak, kenapa shoutbox aku ada masalah seh. When aku nak type send it prompts “The requested URL could not be retrieved”. Sux seh..

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