The search

The following are the list of searches within my site for the last 30 days.

1. a
2. ah beng
3. ah beng and bangla
4. chee bye
5. freek babes

The following are searches from external search engines, leading to my site for the last 30 days.

1. katak (Yahoo and Google)
2. Melayu sundal (Yahoo)
3. Haunted Changi Chalet (Yahoo)
4. Zapin Steps (Hotbot)
5. Ah Beng vs Bangla (MSN)
6. Bangla vs Ah beng (MSN)
7. Puki Sundal
8. Trivias about breast (Yahoo)
9. Trivias about CPU (Yahoo)
10. Robot Bedah (Altavista)
11. Graphology Trivias (AltaVista)

Don’t ask how such keywords can link up to such a demure site. 🙂

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