traffic congestion woes in KL

The thing is quite simple. If you ask me, the only way to solve the traffic congestion is by using public transport. Granted, the public transport is.. efficient.

I think you would rather get stuck in a traffic jam if:

  • The public transport, in this case a LRT, would arrive only after 30 mins waiting time.
  • The waiting board, that indicates the estimated timing of the LRT, indicates a further extension of 20 mins AFTER it reach the 30 mins of waiting time for the said LRT.
  • That the said LRT, after waiting for 50 ridiculous mins, came by the long platform, with only 2 coaches instead of a maximum load of 6 coaches. That effectively kill off quite a substantial amount of passengers that have to wait for the next train due to arrive in… another 30 mins !! I think you know the cycle aye ?

At least in a normal traffic jam, you don’t have the tendency to get high blood pressure from these anomalies. And yet, there are still people who complaint at Stomp about our own public transport. Wait till they get a taste of life outside Singapore.

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And not to mention that you have to exit and change to another line somewhere not-so-near the 1st one…just because the trains belong to different companies…

Sampai fed-up…balik2 kena buat camtu tu tukar train…in the end, naik cab…1 kali, tak payah tukar2….habis cerita

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