Travel to NTU or NIE while avoiding traffic jams in PIE, AYE, KJE every morning

Last Friday marked the last day that I traveled to NIE for my full-time teaching course. Since I am in a good mood (after completing my 4 assignments in the span of 1 week and having a pretty much relaxing first week into my practicum) and sharing is caring, I would like to write about my journey to NIE. No, not my nostalgic 2 year course but literally, the journey from my house to the institution itself.

Normally, after I have dropped my wife to work in Ang Mo Kio around 7.15 a.m., I travelled via various highways in Singapore in a bid to find the fastest and easiest route to NIE, which is located in NTU vicinity near Jalan Bahar. I like to travel via PIE but the traffic congestion + ERP in CTE always made me think twice about going by that route.

Rather than paying $2 for ERP, I would prefer travelling up north first via SLE and then exit at the BKE(PIE) exit before turning in to KJE.

However, if you noticed, I would normally reach the SLE expressway around 7.30 a.m. and by the time I reached the exit to BKE(PIE), traffic congestion will tail-back all the way towards the Woodlands Ave 2 exit. It was not till early last year that I discovered a new route courtesy of one of my NIE course-mates.

This route will take you from SLE and bring you out of the traffic congestion over there and magically bring you to Jalan Bahar.

Oklah, I was exaggerating a bit but I am serious on avoiding the congestion. Let me tell you now how you can achieve this magic of going to Jalan Bahar from SLE but avoid the traffic congestion at the BKE (PIE) exit, the Mandai Road exit and also the KJE traffic congestion.

The best thing is, the journey to NIE using this new route from SLE will only be maximum 30 min !!! (because that was the time that I needed while driving my Picanto so if you are driving a bigger car than mine, +- 7 min).

Here’s how.

1) At the end of the Seletar Expressway (that is SLE, for the uninitiated), you will see three exits. The extreme left will be the BKE (PIE) exit, the extreme right will be the exit towards Johor. The middle exit will lead you towards Singapore Turf Club. TAKE the middle exit.

2) At the end of this road, you will come across a 4-way junction. Go straight and enter Kranji Road. You will make a pass beside Kranji Reclamation Plant and the KTM (Malaysian rail) junction. Keep going straight till you reach a T-junction. This is KRANJI LOOP.

3) Turn left on this road and follow its path. Do not make any turns. As you drive along this road, you will soon reach Kranji Reservoir Park and the Kranji Tidal gates. Take a breather while looking at the magnificent sight. Again, continue straight ahead along this road.

4) From here, it gets slightly complicated. If you are not confident in driving along this roads, just drive straight without making any turns and you will reach Lim Chu Kang Road.

5) Turn left at this T-junction and start to pick up speed as this stretch of road will lead you past the SAF camp and cemeteries before reaching Jalan Bahar and finally, the turn to NTU after passing the Civil Defence Academy.

That’s it. 5 simple steps to divert the horrendous traffic. Time reduction to almost half of the usual travelling time. May you all have a safe journey ahead !!

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did you share this after you graduated so that it will not be congested while you’re still in NIE? *LOL* anyway great share, my experience at the SAF camp stretch is that it does get jammed up at times and the jam does not seem to move!!

That is a complicated route… Why not check traffic conditions online and plan the best route using traffic and ERP? Check for both routes 🙂

Disclaimer: I work for the company behind that site! But, we are committed to helping people quit traffic today.


Thanks Ong Hu for the alternative way to check road traffic conditions. Unfortunately, going to NTU/NIE is a one-way route option and most of the time, the PIE or the KJE is always the main option for majority of motorists alike.

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