Wanna see a Bigfoot near Singapore?

Amidst all the news reports about the high criminal activities taking place, Johore Bahru now have sparked new controversy while ushering the new year, with reports of sightings made by the Orang Asli about viewing a 3m hairy-like creature in the forest of J.B.

It could be the biggest spoof of the year, but not everyone is scoffing at reported sightings of “Bigfoot” in the dense jungles of Kota Tinggi.

You can read more details of the sighting here on The Sunday times.

Take a good look of the sketch being drawn by the eyewitnesses. If this is an image that we are to definitely now associate with the new wave of Malaysian encounters, it does reinforce the diversity of unknown hairy hominoids, and adds weight to calling this something other than “Bigfoot.” đŸ˜›

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