Watermelon-eating dog prompts stabbing

Testosterone is responsible for a lot of the stupidity that goes on in the world, but I find it hard to believe that the following story is merely a male pissing contest and did not involve some sort of drugs or alcohol. It does, however, feature a watermelon-eating dog.

A police report said the two unidentified brothers got into an argument this week in Boston after a dog belonging to one of the men consumed a watermelon owned by his brother.

The argument over the missing watermelon escalated into a shouting match between the siblings that allegedly caused one brother to repeatedly stab himself in order to show he didn’t care if he got hurt, police say.

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Police officer Jamie Kennealy said when police arrived at the scene to help take the injured brother to the hospital, the other brother allegedly tried to barricade himself in a room. Kennealy reported the other brother used a saw and hammer to place pieces of wood across the door to keep police out of the room.

“During his barricading construction project he stated that he wasn’t going to get arrested for stabbing his brother,” he said, adding that police were content to leave him alone after learning the other man’s wounds were self-inflicted.

My question is, do dogs really eat watermelon ???

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