Weird search words from Google that will lead you to my site

For the past couple of days, some weirdos have been visiting my site by typing some strange keywords via Google.

For example:

  1. Viewing porn websites in NTU

    This is serious shit man. I am pretty sure that its those undergrads that are venturing and seeking for ways on how to bypass the firewall from that institute for self-gratification. Of course, what they eventually get to is this.

  2. Hwa Chong Institute Sex

    I wonder why too. I tried to view it to find out if ever such an incident have occurred at the school. Zero results. The closest that they ever got from site is this.

  3. Are women stimulated by pornography ?

    Sad to say, a woman’s brain do not think about sex as much as men in general. Though the percentage is small, I don’t fathom why is there a need to even search for the answer in the first place.  Nonetheless, they came over to my site via this link.

  4. 2100 world cup qualification

    Well, maybe they might… in another 100 years. Goal 2010’s original aim was already a downright failure. Goal 2100, nobody knows. Perhaps my grandchildren will witness the historic occasion.

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