what do teenagers talk about these days

Reading teenagers’ blogs (both gender) these days are funny. Almost all will talk about the same thing.

1) Relationship, whether its between crisis among their boyfriend/girlfriend or clashes between their own gender.

2) Not able to get the amount of freedom that they yearn for.

It is funny, because its almost like a vicious cycle in life. We probably have been in that position and I think for us who do not have the luxury of Internet and before the introduction of blogs, I think girls of my age probably wrote down the same stuff over in their pocket diaries and stuff.

I think guys during my time can’t be bothered with all these shit and we spend our teenage life either :

1) engage in various sports activities or play video-games (Nintendo, SEGA, etc)

2) wanking off while watching/reading pornographic materials

Though I think, we guys prefer to do both daily, if possible during our youth. 🙂

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