What will make the F1 race a hit

WHAT will it take to make Singapore’s first Formula One Grand Prix a success? According to visitor Mark Topolski who came from Britain, it isn’t enough just to put on a good race or have efficient facilities or only have an exciting, challenging race circuit.

Another foreigner, Carl Skadian also wrote on Straits Times, saying that there was a lack of interest in the race in the man in the street.

I think that the reason is fairly simple: We were not invited.

To me, the whole event was pitched as the exclusive domain of the wealthy and glamorous. Tie-ins with $20,000 timepieces, Michelin-star chefs and after-parties for the absolutely fabulous are the order of the day. Hotel room rates have tripled. With concrete and metal fences lining the roads, downtown Singapore looks more like a set from Kurt Russell’s Escape From New York. 🙂
I feel that, at least in this first season, the organisers should have left these screens down, so the public could have got a glimpse of the race, even if it meant craning their necks. I don’t think ticket holders would feel cheated: After all, they have the best views and the ability to move freely behind the safety barriers. As it is, if you ask your friends if they are going to Marina last week, instead of ‘I wouldn’t miss it for the world’, you are more likely to hear, ‘No point, can’t see anything’.

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