Will you be MY valentine?

Its 14th of February. I’m sure male Singaporeans will be hypnotise later tonight. Bringing flowers, ranging from one stalk to a bouquet won’t make them feel paisey because, hey, my other male colleagues are doing the same to their own girlfriends!!!

Of course, for me, it brings back fond memories, all the way 5 years ago, when I met up with Dearie and catch the movie, the Wedding Planner.

114 replies on “Will you be MY valentine?”

Great memory dude to remember 5 years ago occasion.. Did u jus added extra RAM inside ur brain? LOL… Teach me on mega memory dude.. I need it muchly needed… 😉

Katak’s a history guy. Dates are his thing. So it’s good that he remembers everything, because I’m a total opposite.

yah..i always remember him as the memory guy. nih mesti dah upgrade 2gb of ram…anyway….u got ur digicam already? im getting one oso….so thot kalau nak getting one…mebbe buy 2 can get cheaper kot? hehehehehe 😛

Its good to have him who remembers a lot on u.. 😉 Not tat im praising him, but he sure changes the environment.. I can’t never imagine if i served NS w’out him, having no one to disturb.. Hahha… Im sure ur life will be happily filled of him in ur heart..

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