World cup and its significance to me

In a way, every World Cup since ’98 had an impact on my life.

During?World Cup 1998, it was during the period where I transitioned into life as a polytechnic student. Then, I would have caught?the matches?with a few of the poly mates.

During?World Cup 2002, during my NS days, I was going out with my then-girlfriend-soon-to-be-wife. Needless to say, I had to put up with her ogling at those soccer players.

During?World Cup 2006, I solemnised my wedding with the said-girlfriend just a week before the start. The first match, France vs Senegal, was spent in the comfort of a chalet in Downtown East ala ‘honeymoon suite’. I wasn’t sure which was more interesting: the match on tv or the match on bed! LOL (Of course, the latter wins hands down anytime!! :-p)

Now, World Cup 2010, I am watching it together with my wife and my 2 kids. Ok, both the kids are sound asleep but you get the drift.

How significant is the World Cup to you ?

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Was never significant to me because I was never interested in the game anyway (unless it was ogling purposes, hurhurrr). Hence I never caught any match voluntarily.

Now, voluntary or not, I have NO CHOICE. -_-

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