Wrongdoings that ought to get SEVERE punishment

The following wrongdoings are actually things that always happen daily and will bring about detrimental issues to the public. These wrongdoings are split up to those areas that such incidents will happen, which will UP my blood pressure.

Pedestrian path

Thinking that the path belongs to his family, these type of people will occupy the whole breadth, making it impossible for us, the cyclist or normal pedestrians to overtake them.

This is especially true for young couples and to those who go out in groups. For couples, once they old hand, that’s it. They’re beyond separation. Can’t even release em’ for a while. No chance for other people to walk pass through.

For groups, even worse. They’d walk 4 or 5 in a row and when you tried to pass thru’, cold stares will be shone upon you and some even had the cheek to tell you to walk on the grass. Bloody daring I must say.

Of course, the easiest way to solve this is to widen the size of the pedestrian footpaths.

MRT – Train rides to Hell

I don’t even wanna raise the issue about not giving up seats to the elderly (note: not the elderly but carrying GUCCI bags and SHADES but the other poor, demure elderly type) or to pregnant woman.

Over here, people will have a mad rush for empty seats like its the Great Singapore Sale and you will get no discounts if you can’t grab a seat.

But I simply don’t understand why when there are no seats available, people ALWAYS prefer to stand at the doorway instead of moving to the middle of the train. OK, fair enough if you board the MRT train at Tampines station and wish to exit at MRT Simei station.

But from Tampines Station to City Hall ? Or further? Its one thing that there’s a mad jostling and scrambling during both boarding and exit time.


This might sound offensive to some. I’m not trying to be racist here. Some movies that Dearie and I have been to, we’ve had experiences with some who start to read out loud the credits. And it continues, to reading of the english subtitles. I wonder if she lost her way to British Council and landed at LIDO cinema instead.

And the worst part of it, is when some of them starts to speculate and think out loudly with a decibel of more than 15db, the ending of the movie.

Driving on the road

You, the driver, have signal way in advance that you want to turn left on a left junction but you got a HORN by a motorist who wants to go straight but sitting on your left. That’s a fucking way to ride a bike Mister!


Aunties² and groups that stop smacking right in front of the escalator to chit-chat.

OK, I’ve let the steam off now. If you guys got any further interesting issues to share, just comment me below.

110 replies on “Wrongdoings that ought to get <b>SEVERE</b> punishment”

Mmmmm, all the offences that many people are MAHA guilty of (even myself, with respect to the MRT scenario of standing by the entrance/exit).

However, the escalator incident really gets my goat nowadays. Macam, orang nak naik tangga bergerak dan tengah berjalan dengan pantas, makcik-makcik dan ahsoh-ahsoh tu semua memang Bebal Binte Bongok langsung ah.

people tend to rush almost everywhere!!!!!!!

i hate people who also take their time when i am rushing,…

but when i see them rush, i feel disgusted!

Aku pun bingit seh bila dorang buat cam gitu. Especially part giving up seats. Nowadays people got this MYSELF mentality. Nobody cares for me, so why should I care for you? Haiz .. what is the world coming to?

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