Yet another Iphone scam

This guy actually deserves to be conned.

Hazrul, an 18-year-old Singaporean, was so enamoured by the new iPhone that he sold his PlayStation Portable (PSP) and handphone, borrowed money from his friends, and even lied to his mother to get enough money to pay a Nigerian cheat who had promised him the phone.

Taken from The New Paper (24th August)

Wow such a good boy. So much for studying, another reason why book-smart does not increase your level of street-smart aka common sense.

That country name, Nigeria, should have already raised the red flag, yet he can even engage the conman and make dealings with him.

My advice is have to be extremely careful especially those emails. if it is too good, there probably is something fishy too.

Heh. Nigeria. I would have just delete emails having these as keywords upon first contact. 🙂

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