Site of the Week

This week site of the week will definitely go to Bash.

They have a huge database of funny IRC conversations. I couldn’t help from laughing out loud at some of them. Worth checking out.


gentoogod: omg dude

gentoogod: today i might have seen the stupidest 3 people i ever met

gentoogod: thier 3 brains combined couldnt solve the dilemma they faced today

siral21: what was it?

gentoogod: ok before i say this

gentoogod: 100% true, not one second of a lie

gentoogod: this lady went into mcdonalds today and ordered a big mac for her

gentoogod: and ordered 2 mcgrittles one for each kid. one had bacon (and) one without

gentoogod: her sons are around 18 or 19 so not infants

gentoogod: she went to the counter furious cause the son that wanted bacon has no bacon on his and the one that didnt want bacon has bacon on his.

gentoogod: i fell on the floor beside her and couldnt stop laughing

gentoogod: so i finally stood up and asked her to repeat, thinking maybe shes drunk

gentoogod: i swear to god she looked at me straight faced and repeated it. And her 2 sons were beside her mad that they didnt get the order they wanted.

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sorry.. there was a spider on my keyboard.

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